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2AngelPsalm34jpg.jpg (75216 bytes)
Angel of God encamps around those who fear Him and sets them free.'  (Psalm 34) original nfs

2VahavtaPastel.jpg (56482 bytes)
'Love Yourself as Your Friend' (Leviticus 19:18) original nfs

  2VahavtaRed.jpg (49064 bytes)  vavhta white.jpg (65170 bytes)original nfs

Love Your Fellow As Yourself bl gr pastels.jpg (181255 bytes)  vahavta yellow.gif (104229 bytes)  vahavta sparkle.jpg (236588 bytes) 

l'chaim.jpg (113841 bytes)
- To Life

Chaim.jpg (58687 bytes)

2MizrachBluePink.jpg (66967 bytes)
mizrach blue line background.jpg (214449 bytes)

EMUNA.jpg (36270 bytes)
Emunah -Faith' (Cover Contest Runner-Up Cleveland Jewish News)  original nfs

Zachor es Yom .jpg (95850 bytes)
'Remember the Sabbath and Keep It Holy'

bitochon.gif (178620 bytes)

Serve Hashem with Happiness.jpg (221786 bytes)
Serve Hashem (God) with Happiness' 

'How Good It Is for Brothers to Sit Together' (Psalms 133:1)

placental shalom.jpg (192355 bytes)
Placental Geode Shalom

do not cook.jpg (202918 bytes)'Do Not Cook a Kid in Its Mother's Milk  framed pen pictures

'2AinOde.jpg (129323 bytes)
'Ain Ode Milvado 'The is Nothing Besides Hashem'   (Showing at Sabab's Cuisine) $39

2BetzelmoBetzelemElokim.jpg (68831 bytes)
'In the image of G-d was  man created.'  (Beraishis Genesis 1:27) 8x10

Tikun Olam.jpg (50400 bytes)
'Tikun Olam'
4x6" 'repairing' the world

tov.jpg (54778 bytes)
'Tov- Good' 8x10"

amen blu red.jpg (97903 bytes) nfs

amen 4x6.jpg (82474 bytes)   amen dk pink.jpg (167461 bytes)
'Amen-El Melech Namen'  God Trustworthy King' 4x6"

Please Heal 12-13 2.jpg (76021 bytes)Please Heal 12-13 1.jpg (91051 bytes)
'Please Hashem Heal Her Now' 12:13




Joshua - Custom Names  Wedding Gifts






Alef-A.jpg (156585 bytes)
One - Aleph




Guard shmr.jpg (65139 bytes)
Shorashim-Hebrew Roots

virtue8.5x11.jpg (227179 bytes)
virtue 2
Chinese Words

basket sparkle light blue side.jpg (10705 bytes)
Glow -in-The-Dark Multi Media
original Baskets/Wall Hangings

basket sparle blue cloth rim large.jpg (32190 bytes)
Large Light Blue, Glow-in-the-Dark, Basket nfs

woven square angled pot.jpg (75156 bytes)

Original (8x10") $36-69
Limited Edition Prints: $6.99
Original (5x7") $25
Limited Edition Prints: $3.99
Originals (4x6") $18 
Limited Edition Prints: 10/$6.50 

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