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Gallery: Songs of King David 

'I Will Sing to Hashem
While I Live' (Tehillim 104:33)  original nfs  limited 8x10" prints $15.00 greeting cards $1.00
Purify.jpg (240886 bytes)
Purify Our Hearts to Serve You in Truth
Create A Pure Heart.jpg (188477 bytes)
Create in Me a Pure Heart Psalm 51:12
8'I Have Set Hashem Before Me Always for Surely He Is
at My Right Hand' (Psalm 16:8)  8x10" original $25.00 limited prints $15.00 greeting cards 1.00  originals ~8 x11 $29.99
2HopeToHashemPsalm27.jpg (50405 bytes)
'Hope to G-d, Be Strong and Have Courage.' 
Psalm 27   6"x8"
2TurnFromEvil &DoGood.jpg (67251 bytes)
'Turn Away From Evil and Do Good'
Sur May Ra, Voseh Tov- Psalm 34
8.5"X 11"
2AngelPsalm34jpg.jpg (75216 bytes)
'The Angel of G-d encamps around those who fear Him and sets them free.'  Psalm 34:8  
brothers sit together cjn.jpg (252824 bytes)
'How Good it is for Brothers to sit Together' Psalm 133 8.5"X 11"
guard my tongue.jpg (223510 bytes)
'Guard My Tongue From Evil& My Lips from Speaking Deceitfully'
Psalm 8.5"X 11"
2AshiraL'HashemBueGreen.jpg (71796 bytes)
'I Will Sing to Hashem Because He is Exalted' Psalm
8.5"X 11"nfs
I will sing lavendar back.jpg (217018 bytes)
'I Will Sing to Hashem Because He is Exalted' 8.5"X 11"
2HeenayMaTovuPink.jpg (68240 bytes)
'How Good it is...' Psalm 133
8.5"X 11" 
2IndeedAchTzadikimRed.jpg (55382 bytes)
'Indeed The Righteous Will Extol Your Name & Dwell in Your Presence' Psalm   6"x8"
2SingersWillPsalm87.jpg (57691 bytes)
"And Singers and Dancers Alike Will Chant 'All My Inner Thoughts Are of You'  " Psalm 87:7
8.5"X 11" (original not available)
hodu 8x11.jpg (259847 bytes)
'Hodu L'Hashem ki tov, ki lalom chesdo-Give Thanks to Hashem for His Kindness is Everlasting'
8.5"X 11"
Hinay How good it is to sit together.jpg (141991 bytes)
Hinay Matovu Manayim
.. Good to Sit Together 2' x 2'  Psalm 133:1  nfs
They Will Praise.jpg (106600 bytes)
They Will Praise His Name with Dance Drum and Harp Psalm 149
Adony Open My Lips to Decare Your Praise.jpg (135916 bytes)
'Hashem, Open My Lips that My Mouth Can Declair Your Praise' 1.5'x1.5
Guide Me in Your Truth.jpg (157370 bytes)Hadrichani Bamitecha, Guide Me in The Path of Your Truth fo You Are The God of My Salvation 2'x5'   Psalm 25  Sing magenta.jpg (92544 bytes)
God, I Will Sing to You a New Song Upon a Ten Stringed Harp
Psalm 144:9
2' x 2'
Psalm 92.13      

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