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Original (8x10") $36-69
Limited Edition Prints: $6.99

Original (5x7") $25
Limited Edition Prints: $3.99

Originals (4x6") $18 
Limited Edition Prints: 10/$6.50

vase grape copper.jpg (15877 bytes)

woven square angled pot top view.jpg (72078 bytes)
Coiled Pieces
woven square angled pot.jpg (75156 bytes)

basket sparkle light blue side.jpg (10705 bytes)
Glow -in-The-Dark Multi Media ~11x12" basket nfs 


Good tov framed.jpg (55205 bytes) Good -Tov  tov.jpg (54778 bytes)8x10"
tikunolam framed.jpg (42813 bytes) Tikun Olam original $29.99 Tikun Olam.jpg (50400 bytes)4x6"
East Mizrach framed.jpg (46457 bytes) Mizrach-East2MizrachBluePink.jpg (66967 bytes)8x10"




Faith Emunah framed.jpg (54089 bytes) Faith - Emunah
EMUNA.jpg (36270 bytes)

Colors and sizes



Do not Cook framed2.jpg (63554 bytes) 'Do Not Cook a Kid in Its Mother's Milk' do not cook.jpg (202918 bytes)Serve Hashem with Happiness framed.jpg (51289 bytes)'Ivdu Es Hashem b'Simchah'- Serve Hashem with Happiness 8x10"
shalom pen original.jpg (16670 bytes)Shalom -Peace shalom lavendar.jpg (68478 bytes) 4x6"
Peace placental framed.jpg (61200 bytes)
Shalom - Peace placental shalom.jpg (192355 bytes) 8x10"
Give Thanks framed.jpg (107123 bytes) Hodu L'Hashem Ci L'olam Chesdo ~2' x2'
Give Thanks to Hashem for His Kindness is Everlasting $249
2EeshChesedFramed.jpg (31167 bytes)'A Person of Kindness does Acts of Kindness,
taking care of oneself & others.' Ecclesiastes, King Solomon
~2'x3' original nfs
The Angel framed.jpg (125355 bytes)The Angel of Hashem 2AngelPsalm34jpg.jpg (75216 bytes)8x10"
Encamps Around Those Who Fear Him Psalm 34
ain od milvado.jpg (28757 bytes)Ain Odo Mivado There is None Besides Hashem 8x10"
2BeStrongFramed.jpg (29368 bytes)'Yehudah ben Tema said, "Be bold as a leopard, light as an eagle, swift as a deer, and strong as a lion to serve your Father in Heaven"'  Pirke Avot 5:20 Ethics of The Fathers. ~1x4' $349
Light is Sown for the Upright.jpg (123689 bytes)'Light Is Sown for The Upright in Heart in This World' Psalm 97 ~2x4' $129 (unframed)
vahavta red framed.jpg (118031 bytes)'Love Your Neighbor as Yourself' 2VahavtaRed.jpg (49064 bytes)8x10" $49





amen framed.jpg (101906 bytes)'Amen' - G-d Trustworthy King amen 4x6.jpg (82474 bytes) 4x6"

Colors and sizes

amen large purple2.jpg (153741 bytes)
G-d Trustworthy King

2BetzelmoBetzelemElokim.jpg (68831 bytes)
In the Image of G-d was Man Created
Beraishis Genesis

Burning Bush.jpg (207198 bytes)

burning.jpg (29785 bytes)
Burning Bush- white & gold ceramic frame

more Pen Pictures with Ceramic Frames

 2Shema.jpg (10924 bytes)
'Shema Yisroel Hear Oh Israel'


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