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Art Gallery: Portfolio of Custom Made Wedding  /  Anniversary Gifts
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1. Avi - Miriam
2. Avigail - Shmuel
3. Basi - Ovadia  nfs
4. Bentzion Yitzchak  Esther Mindel
5. Daniel - Rachal
6. Devorah Yisroel
7. Dovi Yael
8. Dovi - Miriam
9. Ester Shmuel
10.Miriam Mordechi
11.Mazel Tova Michael  
12.Nisan Kayla
13.Orli Galila - Tzvi Dov
14.Rivka - Miriam Moshe
15.Shaindel - Shalom Ber
16.Tova Avraham
17.Tzurtl - Moshe Reuven
18.Yaacov Rachel
19.Yehoshua - Sima 
20.Yehoshua Raphael - Sima Leah
22.Yossi - Eli

23.Yossi - Esti
Avigail Malka Shua Yitzchak


John Patricia nfs Ashley & Mark nfs baby Dylan

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